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Community Award to Ethics and Compliance Speaker Grmovsek from One Love Gala for "Giving Back to Society after Incarceration"
Joseph & Collared Consulting

"Best thing I've ever sat through in 30 years of compliance training"


Spanning a fifteen-year period in the United States and Canada, Joseph Grmovsek and his co-accused illegally purchased and sold stock with inside information in over a hundred separate deals, churning tens of million of dollars for an eventual eight-figure US dollar gain in what is believed to be the most prolonged insider trading case ever uncovered by American and Canadian securities investigators.

After being identified, Joseph, a former securities lawyer, cooperated with authorities to absolve many innocent professionals inadvertently swept up in his criminal endeavor, admitted guilt and began his 39-month prison sentence that included stays in two notorious maximum-security prisons. His partner-in-crime and best friend, an American corporate lawyer; however, never made it to sentencing, tragically jumping off a bridge to his death a day before he was scheduled to fly with Joseph to New York to learn his fate.


Joseph's dramatic story forms the basis of the education-documentary film Collared and, since his release from prison, his talks and speeches either in-person or by Zoom and Webex offer an unparalleled look into the world of white-collar crime, the consequences for those participating in it or affected by it, and the importance of professional ethics and information protection. His insights are critical for those interested in insider trading identification and its prosecution, the protection of the corporate asset that is information by looking at how he improperly obtained it, the consequences and reputational damage related to breach of trust, and compliance and "scared straight" ethics training. His audiences have included investment funds and portfolio managers, law schools and law firms, business schools, regulatory and professional bodies, central banks, and public corporations and their staff.

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